Paying VPN with PaySafeCard

Paying VPN with PaySafeCard


As you perhaps know we have removed PaySafeCard as payment method since PSC is not processing payments for VPN providers anymore. However, it is possible to exchange PSC into other digital currencies which you then can use to pay for your Perfect Privacy account.

For instance, several websites offer to exchange PSC into MINT codes. MINT was created by Paymentwall in 2013 as a currency to buy digital goods and services. Essentially it works the same way as PSC.

We tested this with the site without problems. Although there is a 15% fee to exchange PSC into MINT, in most cases this is still cheaper than it was with direct PSC payments, especially since we recently lowered our prices.

As an example: You want to buy a three month Perfect Privacy account with PSC. You will need 50 Euro in PSC codes which you exchange for 40 Euro in MINT codes (2 codes with 20 Euro each). After paying the 36 Euros for the account, there will be 4 Euro remaining balance on the MINT-Code. Compared to the old PSC price (60 Euro), this saves you 14 Euro.

You can redeem any remaining balance with the next purchase. Simply enter the code with a remaining balance first. If the amount is not enough for the payment, you can enter a second code. This way you can always redeem remaining balances from any MINT code.

Obviously this method is just a workaround and not recommended. However, if for some reason you only can use PaySafeCard for payment, this workaround might be of interest for you. In general we recommend using alternative payment methods like Bitcoin.

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