Open VPN under Ubuntu with the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager

Downloading the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager

Visit our Download area, click on the Linux symbol (penguin) and download the installation package for the VPN Manager (pp-openvpn-manager_1.0.0_all.deb).

You can execute the installation file directly with the Ubuntu Software Center. Choose this option and click “OK”.

When the software center has opened click on “Install” and enter your root password if necessary.

You can close the Software Center once the installation has finished.

Click on the Ubuntu icon at the top left of the screen and search for “Perfect Privacy”. Click on the VPN Manager icon to start the Perfect Privacy software. Alternatively you can start the VPN manager by entering “pp-openvpn-manager” in a console window.

The settings window should automatically be displayed after the first start of the program. If that isn’t the case, click on “Settings…”.

Click on “Update configuration” to download and activate the latest Perfect Privacy configuration. You can then exit the settings window by clicking “close”.

Now you can establish a VPN connection to a Perfect Privacy server of your choice by clicking the corresponding “Connect” button. You may have to enter your root password to start OpenVPN.

After the connection has been established, visit Check-IP to verify that the VPN tunnel is working properly.