VPN in Egypt

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    For people accessing the Internet in Egypt it is essential to have a secure connection and ideally the possibility to use a VPN server that is not located in the country. The country's regime is known to keep watch over critical bloggers and other political activists. During Hosni Mubarak's reign there also were several reports of Facebook monitoring and censorship.[1],[2]

    However, if you are living in or visiting Egypt and primarily want to access Egyptian websites for local news and events you still may want to use an Egyptian server for best peering in the area. Perfect Privacy offers you a server in Cairo for that purpose and to make sure that all your traffic is still being encrypted. Should you find that you cannot access certain content you can always switch to one of the many other Perfect Privacy servers located around the world.

    [1] New York Times: In Egypt, a Thirst for Technology and Progress
    [2] Menassat: Rumors of a Facebook block persist in Egypt

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