VPN in Germany

    No log files
    Unlimited traffic and unlimited number of connections
    Custom Client Software
    Individual Port Forwardings
    Works on all your devices
    Fast support via email, forum and TeamViewer
    IPv6 support

    While there are currently no nationwide or ISP-wide content blocks in Germany, there is various content that is not available from Germany due to copyright issues. Internet users will experience this most noticeably on Youtube, where lots of music videos (or videos containing certain works as background music) are blocked for German users. To circumvent this censorship you can simply use a VPN server that is not located in Germany or neighboring countries.

    If you are not located in Germany but want to access certain German media streaming services such as the ZDF Mediathek, you will need to obtain a German IP address to access that content. You can only access certain German internet media offers if you have a local IP address. Perfect Privacy provides several servers with up to 1 Gbit/s bandwidth for that purpose.

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