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Traveling with VPN – be secure during vacation

With a VPN on your business travel or vacation you can protect your data and vist all your favorite web content with no hassle.

If you are away from home – whether in your own or another country – and still want to use the Internet, you should take special care of your data and also make sure that you can access all websites regardless of your location and internet connection.

Secure and uncensored everywhere

Both of these issues can be addressed comfortably with Perfect Privacy VPN: You can make sure that all your internet traffic is always encrypted – even if you are using an untrustworthy internet connection. And because you can freely choose a VPN server of your choice you will be able to access all internet websites even if they are geographically restricted.

Secure in public networks

If you are at home or in the office, you can generally trust the network you are using, even if data is being sent unencrypted in the local network.

This is very different if you want to access the internet on a business trip or on vacation: Be it from your hotel room, via public hotspots or while traveling by train, airplane or even on a ship: You should always assum that your internet traffic can be intercepted and read by others.

You should not underestimate this risk. Many Hotel networks and public hotspots are notoriously insecure so that criminals and hackers are easily able to intercept your data.

With Perfect Privacy VPN you can protect yourself against such attacks by the simple means of a mouse click. With activated firewall protection you make sure that all data leaving or reaching your computer – nothing will be sent or received over unencrypted connections.

Access blocked content – regardless of where you are

The second big advantage of a VPN for the traveler is the possibility to access all internet content from everywhere. If you want on vacation or a business trip you still may want to access content from your home location. this is normally not possibly when travelling abroad: Such streaming content is restricted to the country where you are subscribed.

If you are using Perfect Privacy you can simply choose a server from your home country and access all restricted IPTV content again. Obviously this also works the other way around: If you want to access foreign streaming content like the German Mediathek you can simply choose a German server to access this content. However, you should always inform yourself  what content you are allowed to use to avoid copyright violations.

Some hotels or other public hotspots may be blocking VPN connections by firewall rules. And certain countries restrict the usage of VPN nationwide. In these cases you can simply activate the stealth vpn functionality in the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager and still use VPN and browse anonymously.

Feeling at home everywhere

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