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Perfect Privacy encrypts your Internet

We encrypt and anonymize your existing Internet connection. We use safe and reliable industrial standards (OpenVPN (AES-256 bit), SSH2 tunnels (AES-256 bit), PPTP VPN (MPPE-128), L2TP/IPSec) to do so, ready to use with most existing operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android..) and software clients currently existing. Whether you want to encrypt a single client/application or your whole Internet connection, we have several solutions available. Additionally we offer proxy servers (Squid, SOCKS 5) to further anonymize your connections. And also support is included in your membership already!

Access to all our servers

You get access to all our servers (currently more than 30), located in various countries literally all over the world, including some of the most privacy friendly countries! The servers bandwidth ranges from 10mbps up to 1gbps depending on the servers location.

Your safety & anonymity

We are not interested in who you are, your safety and anonymity are our top priority! We value freedom of speech and your safety! Not only we do not log your connections, we do not even log anything that might be traced back to you! The only logging we do, is strictly anonimyzed. Like logging of overall traffic per time period, to properly adjust our server park growth.

Convenient (anonymous) payment

We offer several convenient payment methods, including completely anonymous ones as cash, and PaySafeCard, Bitcoin, and also PayPal, credit cards and WebMoney.

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Sign up now and encrypt and anonymize your Internet!
We offer a variety of reliable and safe encryption/anonimization services enabling you to encrypt your Internet connection as a whole or just specific clients/applications.
You get access to all our servers located literally all over the world!
Support via email, ticket system, forum and live support via TeamViewer is included as well!

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