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Download movies and music legally & anonymous

Download movies and music legally & anonymous

You can legally download and distribute movies, music and other files via many peer-to-peer file-sharing services (P2P). This is made possible by a variety of networks, protocols and client programs. Among the best known are μTorrent (also uTorrent), BitTorrent Mainline, qBittorrent, Transmission and Vuze/Azureus for the BitTorrent protocol, eMule for the eDonkey2000 and Kad network, BearShare for gnutella or multi-protocol clients such as Shareaza.

How do P2P networks work?

P2P file-sharing networks like BitTorrent first divide larger files like movies and music into small pieces. The client software then downloads these bites directly from other users of the network (so-called peers). As soon as the data is available on the home hard drive, it is made available to other users of the file-sharing platform. This way large amounts of data can be shared in a short time. There is no central operator but each user of the network is also the provider of the downloads.

Is this really legal?

Yes, you can legally offer and download files of all kinds on file-sharing networks. Everyone has the right to share self-composed music, self-created movies and self-designed images via file-sharing networks. But also free software (like Linux distributions, free software like OpenOffice) or music and movies with free licenses (e.g. Creative Commons or Public Domain) can easily be distributed over P2P networks. Of course, these works can also be downloaded and distributed legally by other users.

We recommend to do your downloads anonymous with a VPN in order to disguise your identity and to protect your privacy in the best possible way - as with all other concerns on the Internet. With the use of Perfect Privacy, you appear with an IP address of our VPN service on the Internet. So nobody, neither operators of file-sharing networks nor other users of the file-sharing networks, can find out your real IP address.

Certain lawyers have specialized in setting up fake content on the file-sharing networks to get IP addresses of users, in order to sue the user legally. Even if you legally share files on these file-sharing networks, you can still get into the crosshairs of investigations. Don't even reveal your real IP address and protect yourself with Perfect Privacy VPN!

Not only does Perfect Privacy offer you protection of your privacy - demanding file-sharing users also have the option of setting up port forwarding. Activated port forwarding often leads to significantly higher download speeds because your software can get better peer connections.

Most offers are taboo

But be careful: Many P2P file sharing sites offer copyrighted material. Even if you use a VPN, downloading and distributing protected works remains illegal. The fact that you use a VPN does not change this. Therefore, please check the license conditions before downloading.

Unfortunately, from time to time we receive DMCA complaints and requests for log files. Since we do not store logs of our users' connections, we do not have any IP addresses to hand out. We have to remind investigators of this fact (again and again) in a friendly manner. This is annoying for us, but we stick to this practice, as the majority of our users are not involved in any illegal activities. We believe that no one should be placed under general suspicion just because there are a few black sheep in society. This is why we will never log the connection data of our users in the future.

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