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Perfect Privacy VPN in comparison

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Feature Perfect Privacy VPN Other VPN-Provider
Logging policy / Data Retention No logging of any user-specific data or activity. No data is kept. Depending on the provider, connection data and user activity may be logged and kept indefinitely.
Multi-VPN Cascade your VPN connection with up to four OpenVPN servers in multi-layer end-to-end encryption (onion principle). You can add more hops by adding a proxy or SSH tunnel. Most providers offer no cascading at all. A few providers offer cascading with a maximum of two hops, however decrypting your traffic on the first hop.
Limits and restrictions Unrestricted traffic flat rate without throttling. An unlimited number of simultaneous devices and connections. Depending on the provider, traffic and bandwidth may be limited. The number of connections is always limited (usually to a maximum of 2).
Server park Only dedicated servers which are running in a RAM disk to secure your anonymity and privacy - no traces left on our servers. In favor of saving of expenses, running several virtual machines on a single server is common practice. These providers physically store the data on the hard drive, which can be accessed easily.
Apps Native apps with many features such as free choice of protocols, cascading, firewall and DNS leak protection. Depending on the provider, no custom software or clients with limited features.
Proxy server SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies on all servers. All proxies can resolve .onion (TOR) addresses. Depending on the provider, some HTTP or SOCKS proxies at specific locations only, no .onion resolving.
IPv6 Full IPv6 support. Anonymous connections to IPv6 services from everywhere are hassle-free. Additional protection against IPv6 leaks. Most of the VPN providers neither offer IPv6 addresses, nor IPv6 leak protection like the Perfect Privacy VPN app does.
Warrant Canary We have a Warrant Canary page, which we updated regularly. This way we want to make sure you can easily see we have not been served any subpoenas. Many providers do not offer this service - often because they are located in countries which simply prohibit such statements.
TrackStop™ TrackStop protects against annoying ads, phishing sites, tracking cookies, malware injected by banner ads, social media tracking, inappropriate content for kids and even fake news sites. You can choose among different blocklists. A few providers offer similar functions. However, external tests have shown that the available block lists are smaller. The range of functions is also smaller: For example, child protection or social media filters are not available.
NeuroRouting™ NeuroRouting makes data traffic even more secure: A neural network analyzes the routing on the Internet. On this basis, our algorithms calculate the safest route for your data. No other provider offers this unique and technically complex function.

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