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VPN in Serbia

  • Belgrade

No log files
Up to 1000 Mbps bandwidth
Cascading over multiple VPN servers
Unlimited traffic and unlimited number of connections
Fast support via ticket system, forum and TeamViewer
Works on all your devices: Computer, Tablet, Smartphone
IPv6 support

VPN in Serbia is often used to access Eastern European Internet content. The excellently developed Internet infrastructure and the excellent peering to southeastern Europe makes Belgrade a highly sought-after location. There are no state restrictions on access to the Internet and the constitution provides for freedom of opinion and of the press.

Belgrade is Serbia's most important tourist centre with many hotels and hostels. In the Wi-Fi networks of the accommodations a VPN should be installed because you must assume that the data can also be read from third parties. You should be particularly skeptical if you notice that the VPN connections are throttled or completely denied. For such cases we have provided our Perfect Privacy Stealth VPN protocols, which allows to camouflage the VPN data packages.

As a Serbian emigrant or holidaymaker, you can access all Serbian Internet content again with our VPN server in Belgrade. This is how you can feel at home again - no matter where you are.

Enjoy your content as if you were there yourself. With IP addresses from Serbia, you can also enjoy your regional IPTV stations or IP radio programs in your own language. With the super-fast 1000 Mbit/s servers from Perfect Privacy, which by the way also offer full IPv6 support, this is a fluid experience without jerking.

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