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VPN in Iceland

  • Reykjavik

No log files
Up to 1000 Mbps bandwidth
Cascading over multiple VPN servers
Unlimited traffic and unlimited number of connections
Fast support via ticket system, forum and TeamViewer
Works on all your devices: Computer, Tablet, Smartphone
IPv6 support

Because Iceland's strong tradition of protecting freedom of expression and since censorship is prohibited by the Icelandic Constitution, servers located in Iceland are a preferred choice for VPN users. If you are residing in or visiting Iceland you can use our exit node in Reykjavik for excellent peering to nearby locations and fast access to all content hosted in the country.

However, like most European countries, Iceland applies filter lists to block certain illegal content; suspicious links are reported and passed on to relevant authorities for verification. In some cases this may lead to collateral damage: In 2009 the two major Icelandic providers Vodafone Iceland and Iceland Telecom null routed a domain because of illicit content that was hosted on a shared web hosting service, so that several other companies and an email gateway were affected.[1]

With Perfect Privacy you can always move to servers outside the country should you choose to. If you are primarily accessing Icelandic content, you can use our server in Reykjavik.

[1] Ritstjórn Morgunblaðsins: Lokað fyrir aðgang að netsíðu

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