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VPN in Italy

  • Milan

No log files
Up to 1000 Mbps bandwidth
Cascading over multiple VPN servers
Unlimited traffic and unlimited number of connections
Fast support via ticket system, forum and TeamViewer
Works on all your devices: Computer, Tablet, Smartphone
IPv6 support

Bella Italia: With our gigabit VPN server in Italy, you get IPv6 addresses and can rely on good peering in the mediterranean region. Friends of P2P services can be happy: file sharing is allowed on this server. At this popular location in Milan, in the region of Lombardy, the server is of course also configured so that no data can be stored. Therefore we do without hard disks and forward your highly encrypted data only through ram discs. If the server is disconnected, all encrypted data is lost.

Milan is Italy's largest traffic junction. That's why tourists and those passing through will be happy to use the Internet in their accommodations without anycare. In many hotels VPN usage is difficult or prevented. Possibly in order to be able to use the sale of private data to generate more revenue streams. With our Stealth VPN protocols, however, you can still protect your data in these external Wi-Fi networks.

If you are an Italian holidaymaker or backpacker, you can now easily access Italian websites again. With our 1000 Mbit/s server in Milan, you will get more relevant results when you do research on the Internet - at lightning speed.

Use Italian IP addresses today and enjoy the content as if you were in Italy. Watch to Italian regional television or listen to your favorite radio station in your language. Be an Italian - anywhere in the world.

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