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Why you should use a VPN

In times when industry, advertisers and agencies are trying to intercept and retain as much data as possible, it makes sense to encrypt your entire network traffic at all times with a VPN. That can protect you against many attacks which are common on the Internet. Additionally, you make sure that your identity remains anonymous because the origin of your Internet connection cannot be traced back to you.

The VPN from Perfect Privacy is an exciting alternative to services like Tor, mainly because with Perfect Privacy you can use the full bandwidth and speed of your Internet connection.

Your right to be secure and anonymous on the Internet

Every user has the right to communicate securely and anonymously on the Internet. It is good practice to exercise this right as a matter of principle, so whenever you send sensitive data, your privacy remains protected.

As many media reports revealed, it is common practice for Internet service providers and other platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and others) to store as much information about users and their behavior as possible. A VPN provider helps you to keep your data trail as minimal and anonymous as possible.

You need to be sure that your VPN provider itself follows a strict non-logging policy. Perfect Privacy does not store any IP addresses or other information about its users whatsoever, and our VPN servers are running on RAM-Disks so that no data is ever stored on hard disks.

Who should use a VPN?

A VPN access is useful in many cases and a sound solution for anyone who uses the Internet on a regular basis and is concerned about his security and privacy.

For the security-conscious user

In response to the recent developments regarding Internet surveillance, more and more users are using encryption to protect themselves. It is a good idea to generally encrypt all your network activity so that you are leaving no data trail. While other security solutions like Tor work reliably, they have the disadvantage of being complicated to use and often suffer from packet loss and limits of speed and bandwidth. A VPN service like Perfect Privacy, in contrast, runs in the background while being invisible to the user and provides full speed and bandwidth.

For journalists

For authors and journalists, confidentiality is of uttermost importance. That is why journalists should always make sure that their traffic is being encrypted. A VPN service is particularly well-suited for this purpose because you can choose the country your connection exits from. That way not only your traffic is encrypted, but you can also access services that are limited to specific countries.

Especially oppressive countries use deep packet inspection (DPI) to detect and block VPN traffic. In this case, you can use our stealth VPN feature (obfuscation) to circumvent such restrictions.

For students and remote workers

Remote workers and students often need to be able to access the internal company or university network from other locations. In such cases, the traffic should always be encrypted to prevent unauthorized people from accessing the data.

Especially if you want to transmit large amounts of data to or from the internal network, a VPN service is particularly suitable because in contrast to other solutions like Tor it can provide full speed and bandwidth.

For downloads

People who frequently download torrent files over the Internet find a VPN an attractive solution because large bandwidth and high speed are essential. Perfect Privacy offers servers with 1 Gbps bandwidth at several locations – usually much more than your private Internet connection allows. This way you can be sure to remain anonymous while downloading large files with no restrictions regarding speed or bandwidth.

Advantages of a VPN Connection

Secure in Public Hotspots

Are you traveling a lot and use public WiFi hotspots frequently? In this case, securing your connection is vital as you should never trust any public WiFi hotspot: Everyone in its coverage area can read all unencrypted traffic being sent over the network.

It is also a possibility that criminals set up so-called rogue hotspots to intercept your data – with a VPN connection you are protected against such attacks as well since no unencrypted data is being sent over the wireless network. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to use VPN; Android and iOS support this functionality out of the box.

Protection against Data- and Identity-Theft

Without the protection of a VPN provider, you disclose your personal IP address to the public. That could allow remote attacks on your network. Mainly, this poses a risk for users who are not very tech savvy, since they usually cannot determine whether their network is adequately protected.

By using a VPN connection, you can avoid this risk because your IP address remains undisclosed. Instead, only the IP address of the VPN server you are using can be seen. In the case of Perfect Privacy, these servers are operated with the best possible security measures so that successful attacks are highly improbable.

Access Country-Specific Content and Avoid Censorship

Many services and offers on the Internet are restricted to specific countries. For instance, German TV Station ZDF offers a stream of their TV program but only for users who are connected with a German IP address. Same applies to many other websites in many countries.

You can circumvent such restrictions, provided your VPN provider offers you servers at the location you need. With Perfect Privacy, you can choose what country to use. For instance, use our Frankfurt server to access the ZDF Mediathek. However, you should always inform yourself what content you are allowed to use to avoid copyright violations.

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