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Perfect Privacy

No Log VPN

Perfect Privacy VPN generally does not retain any logs. That is more than just a characteristic of our infrastructure. It is the fundamental philosophy of our service. Since our establishment in 2008 customers can rely on the fact that we do not save any logs whatsoever – the privacy of our users is our most valuable asset.

No Latent Memory - No Data Storage

Perfect Privacy built its infrastructure on this philosophy: All our services are running within strongly encrypted RAM disks so that it is technically impossible for data to be stored on hard drives. That also means that no data can be recovered if the power is disconnected.

Nobody can force us to log your data. If that were the case, we would rather discontinue Perfect Privacy than to record your data and compromise your privacy.

Prevent Data Retention

With Perfect Privacy, all your Internet traffic is sent over a strongly encrypted tunnel. The encryption starts on your computer so that even your internet provider can neither read your data nor determine what website you are visiting.

With OpenVPN, your Internet traffic is encrypted with AES 256 Bit. This encryption standard is currently considered unbreakable, as there are no practical attacks on it [1]. This means that it is currently impossible to break, even with unlimited resources.


What We Need

As a no logging VPN provider, we also need to do accounting. For that reason we save the username and password as well as a contact email – other information is not needed!

Users can choose to use a throwaway email for registration; the email is only needed to send the initial login credentials. If further support is needed, users can use a different email address every time, should they choose to. Of course, we offer the option to send all communication encrypted if the user deposits his public PGP key.

Additionally, we offer a variety of anonymous payment methods including Bitcoin and Mint – which is typical for Perfect Privacy.

VPN without logs since 2008 – No Provider gives you more security

Payment Options

Premium VPN-servers in 23 countries

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