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Perfect Privacy

Stealth VPN technology for restricted networks

With the Perfect Privacy VPN app, you can use the new Stealth VPN functionality. The feature, also known as obfuscated VPN, can mask your VPN packets so that they look like normal HTTPS traffic.

Because HTTPS is the default protocol for secure communication with websites it is usually never blocked in public networks.

Circumvent firewalls in restrictive countries

Stealth VPN technology

With the stealth feature, you can also get around nationwide internet restrictions such as the infamous “Great Firewall of China”.

However, this also works in other countries with restricted internet such as Iran, UAE or Turkey – with the stealth feature you can use Perfect Privacy VPN just like in any unrestricted network.

Without such an obfuscated VPN connection you might not be able to access various websites in such countries.

In some countries the usage of a VPN is illegal. In these cases, make sure to use the stealth function so your VPN traffic is disguised as normal HTTPS traffic.

Other use cases

Masking your VPN traffic can also be useful in other situations, like when you want to connect from a school, university or company network. In some cases, such networks block sites such as Facebook, YouTube or other social media or gaming sites. If you want to access those sites, stealth VPN makes that possible without being noticed.

If you’re on vacation or traveling for business, you may experience that some hotel and public networks either block or throttle any VPN traffic. If you’re using stealth VPN, the traffic will not be recognized as VPN, and you can use the full bandwidth.

Of course, this also applies to your internet provider: If you don’t want your ISP do know that you are using VPN, you can activate the stealth functionality.

Camouflage your VPN traffic today!

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