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What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a self-contained communications network in an existing communications network, such as the Internet, and is designed to access encrypted services in a private network from anywhere in the world. That is often the case at universities or the workplace. We use VPN services to protect the privacy of private individuals on the Internet in the best possible way.

The encryption is applied from your network card to a VPN server you are connected to. That means that even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can no longer see the transmitted data unencrypted. Your ISP cannot share your browser history with advertisers or government agencies. Your data is therefore reliably protected from third parties. They are so strongly encrypted that nobody can do anything with the data. If the data is encrypted with Perfect Privacy's VPN, it is even safe from quantum computers. No one else can access the data on the way between your computer and the VPN server.

How does a VPN work?

The participants connect via a VPN protocol (usually OpenVPN or IPsec) to one of the VPN servers available worldwide. After the VPN tunnel has been established, they receive a new IP address assigned by the VPN server. A virtual network card appears in your computer and is recognized by your computer as a regular Ethernet card. The computer's services are then routed via this card. The VPN tunnel is then so strongly encrypted that other computers outside the tunnel can no longer read the communication.

Each user who is connected to a specific VPN server builds his own tunnel and gets the IP address of the VPN server. For reasons of even greater anonymity, therefore, we recommend that you always select a server on which you can already see some traffic. You can see it at Perfect Privacy on ourserver status pageor in the VPN Manager under available bandwidth.

There are many reasonswhy you should use a VPN. Perfect Privacy has put its primary focus on ensuring your privacy and anonymity. To this end, we are continually developing the security infrastructure in the background and working on special security functions that fulfill precisely this purpose: to protect you in the best possible way on the Internet!

Exclusive Perfect Privacy VPN functions

Perfect Privacy gives you security functions that you will not find anywhere else.

Multi-Hop VPN

Multi-Hop VPN

With our Multi-Hop VPN, you can cascade your VPN connection in our VPN Manager over 4 locations. According to the tunnel in tunnel principle, this results in fourfold encryption according to the onion principle. In some countries, it can also be essential to be able to choose between an ongoing server and an outgoing server. You can easily select the servers in the VPN Manager and cascade them according to your wishes.



In NeuroRouting, an artificial intelligence decides on the routes that your highly encrypted data packets are to be routed. Our sophisticated algorithms calculate a route to keep the data as long as possible in our encrypted network. Depending on where an Internet page is located, this can lead to dynamic hops. Unlike with multi hop, the tunnels then go from server to server to shortly before the target side.

Kill Switch VPN

Kill Switch VPN

Our kill switch ensures that no data is routed past the VPN tunnel even in the event of unexpected connection interruptions. You can activate it in 3 security levels in the VPN Manager. At the preset level, it is only active for a VPN connection. In the second level, as long as the VPN Manager is active, and in the third level, it ensures that no computer data can ever be routed over the Internet without a VPN.

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