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The advantages of gaming with VPN

The advantages of gaming with VPN

Gamer can also profit by using Perfect Privacy VPN for gaming online. Since you can freely change your VPN server, you can easily choose in what country you want to register your game or log into game servers. This has a number of advantages.

Access exclusive content

Not all new games are available worldwide at the same time. Quite often many titles will be available for purchase in the USA first. In many cases it is enough to use an American IP address to access such games early. The same applies to early access beta versions: For instance, the early access beta to Star Wars: Battlefront was limited to US players only.

No censorship

Another good reason to be able to freely choose your IP address with a VPN service is that in some countries certain games are only available in censored or stripped-down versions. This is because of the legal environment in specific countries; every nation has different age restrictions for games. In some cases game studios decide to not release a title at all in certain countries, to avoid the hassle with the legal situation. In such cases there is no legal way to buy the game in such countries. However, it is still allowed to own and play the game, just marketing and sales of the title is prohibited.

Buy games cheaper

Even if games are released as identical versions in different countries, it can make sense to purchase games in a different country than your own. It is not uncommon that there are considerable differences in pricing for different countries. For instance, in the US games are usually cheaper than elsewhere while they are specially expensive in Australia. In such cases it can save quite some money if you can choose in what country you purchase a game.

Play with friends – everywhere in the world

Some online games, especially popular MMORPG with a large player base are using regional servers to distribute the load. Not always are you able to choose what server you connect to: Sometimes the player is automatically connected to the server closest to him. But what if you want to play with friends in another region? With Perfect Privacy VPN you can simply change your IP address to the region you want to play in and connect to the server your friends are on.

Of course you should keep in mind that if you are in the US, you have a higher latency (“ping”) to European servers. But in some cases a VPN connection can even improve your ping to gaming servers: In some situations the local ISP may not have optimal routing to the game server. Then a VPN server at one of the busy traffic nodes (New York, London, Amsterdam, etc.) might improve your ping.

Counteract ddos attacks

An annoying subject for many players are ddos attacks. Especially with the popular MMORPGs Dota 2 and League of Legends it is not uncommon for players to get disconnected due to such attacks. A VPN service helps to mitigate this problem as well: Good VPN servers with 1 Gigabit bandwidth are much harder to ddos than the typical home connection. And even if a VPN server should go down due to ddos, you can simply switch to one of the many other servers – the perfect gaming VPN!

Protect your privacy

While gaming is not the first topic that comes into mind when thinking about the advantages of using a VPN service, there are valid reasons for gamer to use such a service. Additionally they profit from all other benefits of a VPN, especially the protection of their anonymity and privacy which is the highest priority for Perfect Privacy.

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