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Statement from our new Data Protection Officer

Statement from our new Data Protection Officer

When using Perfect Privacy VPN, no data is generated where the violation of the protection is likely to entail a high risk for the personal rights and freedoms of natural persons. That’s the entire point of using our service.

When engaging in the business relationship, customers can also use anonymous mail services and non-correlatable means of payment to make the data arising from the business relationship itself anonymous.

We are working on an option for users to be able to access and view all data stored by us. To avoid merging the data stored in each application, each application creates its own data overview.

We recommend that you wait for the technical implementation to avoid any time-consuming identification that may be necessary for personal queries under the GDPR. This will take place within three months.

We have also taken the DSGVO as a basis to check all our data processing systems and applications again for data avoidance – and have also carried out a spring cleaning.

You can find our current data protection declaration here.

Everyone who was involved with this is annoyed. I see that as a sign of good work.

To strengthen the trust of our customers, I was appointed as data protection officer for the Perfect Privacy VPN project, although there is no obligation to do so.

Steffen Wernéry
Data Protection Officer

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