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Unblock live sports online with VPN

Unblock live sports online with VPN

VPN services are popular among sports fans, especially for games being streamed live or recordings of big sporting events. Whether soccer, rugby, cricket or the big American sports as Football, Basketball or Baseball – a good VPN can make it simpler to access such streaming content.

Many TV stations are broadcasting sport events on the internet as well: For instance, Sky Sport is a popular British sports TV station that often holds the exclusive rights for Premier League and Champions League soccer matches in England and Ireland. Also the big US-American TV broadcasters offer sporting events via internet streaming.

Circumvent geographic restrictions

But there are two common problems when you want to watch a sport livestream over the internet:

In most cases access to such streaming content is limited to users living in a specific country. To verify this, the streaming provider is checking the user’s IP address to determine their location.

The other problem exists predominantly in North America: Very often certain areas will be affected by the “blackout rule” which will block users in that location from accessing the stream over the internet. For instance, if the L.A. Lakers are playing at home, then viewers in California will not be able to watch the game over the internet if it is broadcasted via regular TV. This is because there are existing contracts with TV stations who will not forgo their advertising revenue.

For many sports fans it is also important to watch games with the original commentary. In most cases you will also need an IP address in the specific country to access audio in the specific language.

With Perfect Privacy VPN all these problems are solved. We offer premium server in the USA, UK, Germany, France and many other countries. That way you don’t only get to choose to use IP addresses from these countries but also have maximum bandwidth for a fluent streaming experience which certainly is key for important sport events.

More important than sports: Your Privacy

But sports is not the priority for Perfect Privacy. Our main goal is to sensitize internet users to the issue that protecting your privacy with a VPN is essential in today’s times. Not only the advertising industry is abusing and selling your data. We don’t want you to be the product – we want to guarentee users their free, secure and anonymized movement on the internet.

All our connections are strongly encrypted by default, preventing that your activities and data gets exposed. This is so important to us that we designed our infrastructure in a way that no log files are ever stored: All our services run within RAM disks, no data is ever saved physically.

We offer server in 23 countries so you can get full internet access just like if you were there, while your privacy remains being protected.

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