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Server certificate update

Server certificate update

As announced earlier we will update all server configurations today. Primarily we are changing the certification authorities to SHA-512.

All Perfect Privacy users need to update the configuration in their clients. When using the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager, you can do this directly by clicking on “Settings”, “Other”, “Check Now”. If you are not using our client, you will need to download the new configurations manually from our member area.[1]

We will roll out the new configuration in two steps: First we will update all server locations between A and N (Amsterdam to Nuremberg). In the course of the day, the remaining servers (Oslo to Zurich) will follow.

This means that server locations between O and Z will still work with the old configurations until the update has taken place later during the day. At the end of the day, all servers will be running with the new configuration.

If you have any questions regarding the configuration update, you can find general information in our howto section.[2] For more specific questions you can use the forum thread[3] or send us an email at any time.

Kind regards,

Your Perfect Privacy Team

[1] Download area
[2] Manuals

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