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Server upgrades & Stealth VPN in the Asian region

Server upgrades & Stealth VPN in the Asian region

We have upgraded a few servers and added more IP addresses. This affects the following locations:

Amsterdam: All three servers have been upgraded (better CPUs). This also means that the IP addresses of these servers have changed.

Tokyo: We have exchanged the server, the new one now has more IP addresses available. This now allows to use obfuscation (Stealth VPN) at the Tokyo location.

Hong Kong: Same as in Tokyo we have exchanged the server for a new one with more IPs, allowing you to use obfuscation with the Hong Kong server.

Singapore: Again, we added more IP addresses to support obfuscation. Additionally we may add a second server in the future since our users had good experiences with this location in terms of stability and peering.

Should you have a custom VPN setup where you are using static IPs of our VPN servers, be ware that they have changed for the locations mentioned above.

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