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TrackStop: Block unwanted domains

TrackStop: Block unwanted domains

Perfect Privacy now provides the new TrackStop feature: With TrackStop you can block unwanted domains directly on VPN-level. There are several block lists available:

  • Tracking and Advertising domains
  • Malware domains
  • Phishing domains
  • Facebook Domains
  • Social media domains
  • Google domains

As a Perfect Privacy user you can activate each of these blocklists independently. Once active, the corresponding domains will be blocked directly on our nameservers.

This allows you to browse the web without advertisement while also being protected against malware and phishing attacks. This can not only prevent unwanted tracking and help preventing infections from a lot of malware but also protect against browser fingerprinting. Normally, your browser can be identified relatively unique by browser fingerprinting. This is something you normally don’t want, especially if you are using the same browser for VPN and non-VPN connections. Incognito mode and browser plugins like Privacy Badger help against this, but with Perfect Privacy you can just block this by activating the Tracking & Advertisement filter of TrackStop.

You can also use this feature for different purposes: For instance, it is possible to block Facebook or all social media content. Or you can decide to block all Google domains. If you ever wondered how the internet looks without Google resources, now you can find out – and maybe you’re in for a surprise.

You can activate the filter lists with a simple mouse click, it is not necessary to reconnect the VPN.

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