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Perfect Privacy VPN with eBlocker

Perfect Privacy VPN with eBlocker

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Perfect Privacy is now usable with eBlocker.

Perfect Privacy VPN now in eBlocker

eBlocker will make anonymous browsing even easier and is designed for users with limited technical knowledge. By default, eBlocker uses Tor to anonymize connections but now it is possible to use Perfect Privacy VPN instead which will improve connection speed significantly.

How does eBlocker work?

The eBlocker is a small device that you connect to your home network. It will anonymize your internet activities and make sure that you only pass out data that you really mean to disclose. This prevents the systematic spying on your privacy by websites, so it is not possible to create a profile with your personal data. This works without the need for any additional software with every browser on all internet-capable devices (PC/notebook, smartphone, tablet, game console, smart TV). This is an advantage over the common solution relying on browser plugins to prevent spying and tracking.

The automatic configuration for all devices allows a simple plug-and-play approach even for technologically inexperienced users. Once connected to the home network, the device itself will not store any data but simply use local, automatically updated filter lists to ensure that no sensible data is being sent to insecure sites. Just unbox, connect to your network and switch it on to protect your privacy with Perfect Privacy VPN and eBlocker.

eBlocker with Perfect Privacy – secure your discount!

Get €25 discount when buying an eBlocker.

Your discount code: eb25pp! (valid until 03/31/2017)

Here’s how to use the code:

Go to
Choose your eBlocker device
During payment process, enter the discount code eb25pp!
The discount will be automatically deducted from the price

*The discount code can only be redeemed on The discount code can not be combined with other discounts or used for otherwise discounted products. The discount cannot be redeemed for cash. This discount is valid until 03/31/2017.

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