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Christmas raffle with Vilfo, FlashRouters and eBlocker

Christmas raffle with Vilfo, FlashRouters and eBlocker

Soon it will be Christmas! This year there will be great prices again: One Vilfo VPN Router, two Linksys WRT3200ACM AC3200 DD-WRT router and two eBlocker Pro with a one-year license. All prices also include a one Perfect Privacy account valid for one year. The devices are kindly provided by our partners Vilfo *, FlashRouters * and eBlocker.

Christmas Raffle 2018


Twitter users have to tweet to us @PerfectPrivacy with the hashtag #vpnrouter (make sure to also follow us, @VilfoRouter, @FlashRouters and @eblockercom).

Facebook users have to share our German post also with the hashtag #vpnrouter on Facebook and have to like the Vilfo, FlashRouters and eBlocker page.

The promotion will end on December 10th, so make sure to tweet and share in time. Once the promotion is over, we will announce the winners on Facebook and Twitter.

Prize Details

There are five main prizes: The Vilfo Router will be raffled among all participants of Twitter and Facebook. The other winners (two via Twitter, two via Facebook) will each receive a Linksys WRT3200ACM AC3200 DD-WRT from FlashRouters or an eBlocker Pro 1 Year. All devices are pre-installed with Perfect Privacy configuration. In addition, all grand prize winners will receive a one-year Perfect Privacy account. In addition, FlashRouters offers a one-year warranty and a premium support upgrade. Vilfo, FlashRouters and eBlocker each pay the shipping price, so there are no costs for the winners.

All participants also receive a 25 Euro discount code for buying an eBlocker device (redeemable until 06.01.2019).

The raffle

Since there are five main prizes this year, the prizes will be raffled as follows: All participants of Facebook and Twitter will end up in a lottery pot. Then the Vilfo VPN Router will be raffled in the first round. In the second round the two Linksys WRT3200ACM AC3200 DD-WRT router will be raffled (one on Facebook and one on Twitter) and in the third round the winners of the eBlocker Pro 1 Year will be determined (one on Facebook and one on Twitter).


Whoever wins and wants to receive one of the main prizes, have to pass on a delivery address to Vilfo, FlashRouters or eBlocker. If you do not want that or decide you don’t need a device, you can alternatively opt for a 2 year Perfect Privacy subscription.

Please also note that certain countries are excluded from shipping, for details see the FAQ at FlashRouters. Should a winner from those countries be drawn, he will get the 2 year Perfect Privacy subscription instead.

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