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Perfect Privacy VPN on an Android TV Box (IPsec/IKEv2)

Install VPN app

First, install the Perfect Privacy app via Google Play.

Go to the Google Play Store page and click Install. You may need to sign in to do this.

Select your Android TV box and click Install again. After a short time the app will be installed automatically.

Now open the Perfect Privacy App on your Android TV Box.

Establish VPN connection

Now use the arrow keys on your remote control to select the server location to which you want to establish the VPN connection and confirm with the OK key.

Our tip: Choose a location that is geographically as close as possible to achieve the best speed.

The first time you establish a connection you will be asked for your Perfect Privacy login credentials.

Enter your user name and password and confirm with Save.

When establishing the connection for the first time, you must also confirm that the app may establish a VPN connection.

Confirm the connection request with OK.

After a short moment the VPN connection is established. You can recognize this by the Status: Connected in green letters.

Check connection

You can now test whether the VPN connection is working correctly by going to our CheckIP page.

Open a browser (e.g. Chrome) on your Android TV box and enter the following URL:

Switch on kill switch

If you do not want the network traffic to be routed past the VPN when the VPN connection is terminated, you can enable the kill switch.

With the kill switch activated, the Internet connection is only available if the VPN tunnel has been established.

To enable the kill switch, open the Perfect Privacy App again and open the Options menu. Select Settings there.

Select the option Set up Always-on VPN.

You will be redirected to the Android network settings.

Select the gear icon next to Perfect Privacy VPN.

Enable the two options Always-on VPN and Block connections without VPN.

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