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VPN App on Amazon Fire TV Stick (IPsec/IKEv2)

Install Apps

In addition to the Perfect Privacy VPN app, you also need a browser app to test the VPN connection later. In the example we use the Amazon Silk Browser.

The easiest way to install apps on the Fire TV Stick is via the Amazon website or the smartphone app. To install, open the pages of the respective app:

Below Deliver to: select your Fire TV Stick (login required). Then click on Get App.

The two apps will be automatically installed on your Fire TV Stick after a short time.

Set up Perfect Privacy VPN

Now press and hold the Home button on your Fire TV remote control.

In this menu, select Apps.

You will now see an overview of all installed apps.

Select Perfect Privacy and start the app.

The first time the app is started, the list of available server locations is automatically loaded and displayed.

Select a location to which you want to establish the VPN connection.

Our tip: Choose a location that is geographically as close as possible to achieve the best speed.

As soon as you confirm your selection with the OK button, you will be asked for your Perfect Privacy login credentials.

Enter them and confirm with Save.

The first time you establish a VPN connection with Perfect Privacy, you must first allow it.

Confirm this request with OK.

After a short moment the VPN connection is established.

At the top of the app it says Connected in green.

Test the VPN connection

If you want to test the VPN connection, open the browser.

To do this, hold down the Home button, select Apps and open the browser (the Amazon Silk Browser is labeled Internet).

Select Search the web or enter URL and enter the following line:

Confirm with Go to open the CheckIP site.

Our tip: Bookmark this website for faster access later.

Press the Options button on your remote control (three lines) and select the star on the far right (Add Bookmark).

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