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VPN on iPhone or iPad (IKEv2)

Install VPN profile

In the example we selected Frankfurt above and scanned the QR code with the camera app.

If you open the .mobileconfig file on iOS, you will be asked the following question:

This website is trying to download a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?

Confirm this question with Allow. Confirm the following message with Close.

The VPN profile is now registered in the system, but not installed yet.

To install the VPN profile, open the iOS settings.

Go to GeneralProfile and tap the profile you just downloaded.

Tap the Install button in the upper right corner to start the installation.

You now have to enter your iOS pin.

In the next screen, confirm the installation with Install.

You also confirm the query with Install.

Then enter your Perfect Privacy credentials. Start with the user name and continue with Continue.

Then enter your Perfect Privacy password and confirm with Next.

Now the VPN profile is installed. Finish the installation with Done.

Establish a VPN connection

You can now configure the VPN connection in the iOS settings under GeneralVPN.

To establish the connection, enable the switch next to Status.

After a short moment the VPN connection is established. You can recognize this by the VPN icon in the status bar even when the app is closed.

You can check that the VPN connection is working correctly by going to our Check-IP page.

Enable On-Demand

The on-demand option activates the VPN connection as soon as an app wants to access the Internet.

To enable this option, tap the circled i next to the VPN connection.

Turn on the Connect on demand button. The VPN connection may now be disconnected and re-established.

Set up multiple locations

You can install any number of VPN profiles. That way you can quickly switch between different locations.

To do so, repeat the previous steps. In the example, we set up three more locations.

Remove VPN profile

If you want to delete the VPN profile later, go to the profile list in the iOS settings by tapping GeneralProfiles.

Select the profile you want to delete and tap Remove Profile.

Enter your iOS pin and tap Remove to confirm.

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