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OpenVPN for iPad and iPhone (iOS)

Download Perfect Privacy OpenVPN profile on iOS | OpenVPN for iPad and iPhone (iOS)

Import OpenVPN profile

The OpenVPN file is displayed as an icon (see picture). Tap Open in "OpenVPN".

The file is displayed as text? Make sure you are using Safari and that OpenVPN Connect is installed.

The first time you open OpenVPN Connect, you must agree to the privacy policy.

OpenVPN Connect on iOS: Import VPN profile | OpenVPN for iPad and iPhone (iOS)

You are now taken to the import overview.

The VPN profile can be imported via the ADD button.

Check the box Save password and enter your Perfect Privacy credentials for Username and Password.

Save the settings with the ADD button in the upper right corner.

OpenVPN Connect: Allow OpenVPN Connect to create a VPN configuration in the system | OpenVPN for iPad and iPhone (iOS)

You must now allow OpenVPN Connect to create a VPN configuration in the system. Tap Allow to do this.

You will be redirected to the system settings where you have to enter your pin.

If you have allowed the installation, you will automatically return to OpenVPN Connect.

The VPN profile has now been imported successfully.

OpenVPN Connect: Establish a VPN connection | OpenVPN for iPad and iPhone (iOS)

Establish VPN connection

In OpenVPN Connect, tap the switch next to the VPN profile that has just been installed in order to establish the VPN connection.

Confirm the dialog by tapping Yes.

OpenVPN Connect: VPN Connection established & CheckIP | OpenVPN for iPad and iPhone (iOS)

After a short moment the VPN connection is established. You can recognize this by the VPN icon in the toolbar at the top even when the app is closed.

You can check that the VPN connection is working correctly by going to our Check-IP page.

OpenVPN Connect: Enable Seamless Tunnel | OpenVPN for iPad and iPhone (iOS)

Enable Seamless Tunnel

We recommend that you set some options to restore the VPN connection as quickly as possible after interruptions.

In OpenVPN Connect, tap the Burger menu at the top left (three dashes) and select Settings.

Activate the three options Reconnect On Wakeup, Seamless Tunnel and Layer 2 reachability at the bottom. Set the Connection Timeout to Continuously retry.

See the OpenVPN Connect FAQ for more information.

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