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Perfect Privacy VPN Software with Ubuntu

Downloading the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager

Download the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager above. Choose Software Install to open the downloaded file and then click on OK.

Install the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager Confirm installation

In the next window click on Install. You will need to enter your system password to confirm the installation.

VPN Manager in the apps overview

After the installation has completed you can start the VPN Manager. Click on the Apps icon in the lower left and type Perfect Privacy, the VPN Manager will appear in the list. Double click on the icon to start the VPN client.

VPN-Manager: Traybar setting

Depending on the Ubuntu version and window manager you are using, the system traybar is available or not. In the latter case, the VPN manager cannot be minimized into the traybar.

If you see the Perfect Privacy icon in the traybar, confirm this so the VPN Manager will utilize the traybar.

VPN-Manager: Main window VPN-Manager: Enter Perfect Privacy credentials

After starting the program the main window is displayed. On the first start it will show an empty server list. Click on Settings and under Credentials enter your Perfect Privacy username and password.

If the credentials are correct and the account is active, the expiry date will be shown below.

VPN-Manager: Install VPN configurations VPN-Manager: VPN configurations have been updated

Go to the Update tab and click on Update VPN configuration. This will download the latest OpenVPN configuration. You can now close the settings windows.

VPN-Manager: Main window with server list VPN-Manager: VPN connection established

The main window will now show the server list. With a click on the corresponding connector icon you can establish a VPN connection to a server of your choice.

When the globe symbol in the top right switches to green and Connected is displayed, the VPN tunnel was established successfully.

A click on the info icon will show the connection log.

Perfect Privacy Check-IP

You can check that you are now using a Perfect Privacy IP address by visiting our Check IP page.

Optional: Activate Auto-connect on program startup

If you want you can configure the VPN Manager so that it will automatically connect on start.

To do so open the Settings window and in the General tab activate the checkbox Auto-connect on program startup and choose a server to connect to.

Open Startup Applications Create an entry in Startup Applications

To establish the connection on system boot, add the VPN manager to the auto start programs. Click on the App icon and type in “startup applications”.

Add a new entry. As name you can choose what you like, the command must be perfect-privacy-vpn.

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