Recommended: Perfect Privacy VPN Manager

  • For macOS 10.9 and later
  • Full IPv6 support
  • Automatic installation and updates
  • Display of server usage
  • Firewall configureable with a few clicks
  • DNS-Leak protection
  • Configurable port forwardings

Recommended: On-Demand VPN with IPSec

  • One-click setup (only iOS required)
    Quick and easy setup on iPhone/iPad, no additional app needed
  • Seamless connection with on-demand VPN
    After activation the connection is established automatically when the device accesses the internet (optional)
  • Stronger encryption than manual configuration
    IKE SA: AES-256-GCM/SHA2-256/Diffie-Hellmann Group 18
    Child SA: AES-256-GCM/SHA2-256

Recommended: Always-ON VPN with IPSec

  • Permanent VPN connection
    A VPN connection will automatically be established whenever you have an internet connection
  • No Apps needed
    Works with Android (4.0+) out of the box, no extra software necessary.
  • Simple one-time setup
    Configure the VPN connection once and store your credentials.



In cooperation with we offer pre-configured routers, so you can use secure VPN connections with all your devices in your home network. This includes devices that do not support VPN out of the box such as SmartTV, XBox, Playstation and various other appliances like streaming media boxes. You can choose among several router models, using either DD-WRT or TomatoUSB.

More Information

Vilfo provides a powerful micro-computer specifically designed for VPN connections. For that reason it is very simple to setup Perfect Privacy on a Vilfo router. Check out the few simple steps in our guide:

For detailed information and specifications of the router read our Vilfo Router Review. You can order it from our router page


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