Always-on VPN with Android

This documentation describes how to set up Always-On VPN so that all traffic from and to your device is going through a secure VPN tunnel. Note that activating Always-On VPN may cause increased battery usage and traffic.

Go to your phone settings and navigate to the VPN section. Depending on your device this may be listed under “More”.

Click on the “+” symbol to add a new VPN connection. Enter a name that lets you easily identify to which server you are connecting to.

Next open a browser and go to the server status in the member area. You will need to copy three items: The IPSec PSK (blurred here), the IP primary (first listed) IP-address of the VPN server you want to connect to and the IP address of a DNS server to use. You need to use the first listed IP address (primary IP) for the connection. The Nameserver IP is listed at the bottom of the server section.

Go back to the VPN settings and enter the IPSec PSK  in the “IPSec pre-shared key” field and the IP address of the server in “Server address”.

Click on “Show advanced options” to enter the IP address of the DNS server. Leave all other fields empty and click on “Save”.

To test if everything was set up correctly tap the VPN connection and enter your Perfect Privacy username and password. To make Always-on VPN work you will need to activate “Save account information”.

After clicking on “Connect” you should see  “Connected” below the VPN server, indicating that the VPN connection is active. Tap the VPN connection again to disconnect.

Now click on the “More Options” menu in the top right and click on “Always-on VPN”. Choose the connection you just added and click “OK”.

Always-on VPN is now activated. Note that it doesn’t say “connected” below the server for Always-on VPN. The key symbol in the statusbar shows that your connection is now encrypted. You can visit CheckIP to verify this.

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