On-Demand VPN with iPhone and iPad (IKEv2)

This documentation describes how to set up On-Demand VPN on your iPad or iPhone. This is the recommended method for VPN connections under iOS.

Effectively this is an Always-On VPN: Once configured, On-Demand VPN will ensure that a VPN connection is established first before any application communicates with the internet.

First download the Perfect Privacy configuration from the iOS section in the download area (login required). You need to use Safari for that, with other browsers the import may not work. Tap on “Show configurations for download”, choose the location you want to connect to and download the file.

Tap on “Install” on the top right in the window that pops up. You will need to enter the passcode for your Apple device.

Confirm that you want to import the VPN settings and Perfect Privacy root certificate for IPSec connections by tapping “Install” in the next window.

Enter your Perfect Privacy username and tap on “Next.” Do the same for your Perfect Privacy password and tap once more on “Next”.

You should now see that the configuration was imported correctly. Tap on “Done” on the top right.

Under “General” -> “VPN” you will now see the added VPN connection. You can connect manually by flicking the button on the top. To configure On-Demand VPN, tap on the circled “i” next to the connection.

Now switch on On-Demand VPN by flicking the switch.

On-Demand VPN should now be activated. Whenever an application accesses the internet, the VPN connection will be automatically established. In the status bar you should see a “VPN” symbol now.

You can verify that On-Demand VPN is working correctly by visiting our Check-IP website.

Of course you can install profiles for multiple locations. Simply repeat the steps above for any other locations you would like to add. That way you can easily switch the VPN server and country.

If you want to delete the VPN connection again, you should go to “General” -> “VPN” and tap on “Delete Profile”. This will make sure that the complete profile including settings and certificate will be removed.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback regarding this howto, please use the corresponding thread in our community forums.
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