OpenVPN for iPad and iPhone (iOS)

To use Perfect Privacy VPN on your iPad or iPhone with OpenVPN you need an additional app, which may be installed from the App Store free of charge.

Installing the OpenVPN Connect app

Open the App Store and search for “openvpn”. Among the search results you will find the app “OpenVPN Connect” which may be installed by touching the “LOAD” button.

Downloading the OpenVPN configuration files

To be able to establish an OpenVPN connection to Perfect Privacy’s servers the configuration files for the desired servers have to be transferred to your iOS device. First download the configuration files from the download page in the member area.

For mobile devices Perfect Privacy offers TCP configurations only, since experience has shown that UDP connections are often running unstable on mobile carrier networks. There are two versions of the configuration files available ( &, the single version allows for directly choosing a single server e.g. Amsterdam1 or Amsterdam2. Unpack the downloaded ZIP-file.

Transferring the configuration files

To transfer the configuration files to your iOS device, connect it with your computer using USB and open iTunes. In the overall view choose the connected device (top left). Then from the appearing menu structure pick “Apps” and scroll down in the window on the right side. In the section “File Sharing” select the “OpenVPN” app and then click the “Add …” button on the right in the section “OpenVPN Documents”.

Navigate to the folder containing the unpacked files from the previously downloaded ZIP-file. Mark the OpenVPN configuration files you wish to add (file ending .ovpn) and click on “Add”. Then click the “Synchronize” button (bottom right). The iOS device may afterwards be disconnected from iTunes, the button is located in the top left above the charge level display.


Open the “OpenVPN” app, the transferred configurations are offered for import. Touch the green “+” symbol of each offered configuration profile.

In the section below you can choose the profile to be used. In the “User ID” field enter your Perfect Privacy username, and in the “Password” field enter your corresponding password. By touching the “Save” switch this data is stored on the device, and does not have to be entered again on each connection establishment.

Establishing the VPN connection

By touching the “Connection” switch the connection to the OpenVPN server of the selected profile is established. After successful connection establishment the section “Connection Details” gets displayed with particulars regarding the connection. The “VPN” icon is displayed in the top left of the menu bar while a VPN connection is established. You may now leave the app using the Home button and use your VPN connection. The VPN connection can be canceled by touching the “Connection” switch in the app again.

Advanced configuration

In “Settings” you will find additional configuration options after selecting the “OpenVPN” app in the section on the left side. Of particular interest are the options of a “Seamless tunnel” available since iOS 8, and the possibility to restrict VPN usage to WiFi or mobile carrier networks (“Connect via”). When required an additional proxy may also be configured.

You can use our CheckIP website to test whether the VPN connection is working correctly.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback regarding this howto, please use the corresponding thread in our community forums.