OpenVPN with Tunnelblick on MacOS X

Downloading the Tunnelblick application

Visit the Tunnelblick website and get the Tunnelblick version appropriate for your MacOS version (either stable or beta release).

Double click on the downloaded file to install Tunnelblick. Confirm the warning dialog and enter your MacOS password, if necessary.

After the installation has finished you can start Tunnelblick immediately. In the following dialog box click on “I have configuration files” – the Perfect Privacy configuration will be added in the next steps.

To finish the Tunnelblick configuration confirm the information dialog about configuration files by clicking “done”.

Tunnelblick has an option to automatically check whether your IP address has changed after a VPN-connection has been established. Please note that Tunnelblick will use its own servers for this verification (not Perfect Privacy servers). We recommend to activate this feature.

Lastly confirm that Tunnelblick automatically checks for updates by clicking on “Check Automatically”.

You can download the Tunnelblick configuration directly from our download area ( Double click on the downloaded file to import the Perfect Privacy configuration into Tunnelblick.

Now select whether Tunnelblick should store the Perfect Privacy configuration for all users or only your MacOS account. In either case, check the “apply to all” checkbox to import configurations for all Perfect Privacy servers.

Possibly you will need to enter your system password one more time to save the configuration.

Now you can select a Perfect Privacy server of your choice and click on “connect”. To establish the connection you will need to enter your Perfect Privacy username and password. The connection status is displayed at the top right on your screen. You can also visit our CheckIP site to verify that the VPN connection was established successful.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback regarding this howto, please use the corresponding thread in our community forums.
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