Perfect Privacy VPN Manager Documentation (Linux)

This documentation describes the basic functionality of the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager in Linux. Please note that this software is still under development and more functionality will follow in the future.

First click on the top left to go to the installed software and type in “Perfect Privacy”. Once you find it, click on it to start the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager.

At the first start you won’t see any servers. First you will need to enter your credentials and update the configuration. To do so, click on “Settings” and then enter your Perfect Privacy username and password into the “My Account” section.

Now go to the “Update” tab and click “Update VPN Configuration”. After the configuration was downloaded, you can close the settings.

In the main window you should now see the server list. Connect to a server of your choice by clicking on the connection icon next to the server location. Once the connection is established, the VPN icon should switch from red to green.

You can visit CheckIP to verify that your connection was established correctly.

There are some additional settings you can change: If you deactivate “Enable Random IP Address”, you will always use the first IP of the server. This is useful if you need to stay on the same IP for some reason.

You can also configure port forwarding in the client. These settings are the same that you can do in the member area.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback regarding this howto, please use the corresponding thread in our community forums.