Perfect Privacy VPN Manager Installation (Windows 10)

Note: Because the VPN Manager is installed as a Windows service you will need administrator privileges to proceed with the following steps. Depending on your Windows configuration you will be asked for your administrator password (or whether you want to proceed as Administrator if your Windows user has these privileges) at one or more stages.

Downloading the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager

Download the VPN Manager Installation Wizard from the download page in the Member area.


Double click the downloaded installer. You will need to enter your Windows administrator password for this.

Click on “Install” to begin the installation. If you are asked to confirm the installation of a TAP adapter, also click “Install” to do so.

Finish the installation by clicking on “Finish”.

After the initial install, the settings window of the VPN manager will automatically open. Enter your Perfect Privacy credentials (username and password), then click on “Close” in the bottom right corner.

You now can connect to a Perfect Privacy server of your choice. To do so, click on the connection symbol next to a server from the list.

After the connection is established, the VPN logo in the main window will temporarily switch from red to yellow. The VPN Manager calls the CheckIP tool in the background to make sure that the connection was established correctly. If that is the case, the logo will switch to green after a short while and the IP of the VPN server you are connected to is being displayed.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback regarding this howto, please use the corresponding thread in our community forums.
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