Perfect Privacy VPN with Ubuntu

Please note that with Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) and later it is no longer using the “Ubuntu Software Center” for package management but “Ubuntu-Software” (gnome-software). Unfortunately this breaks the installation for manually downloaded packages.

For this reason, this howto describes how to install the Perfect Privacy package with the “GDebi Package Installer” instead.

First download the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager for Linux from our download section. Make sure to not open the software with the new “Ubuntu Software”, just save the perfect-privacy-vpn.deb file.

Next start “Ubuntu Software” and search for “gdebi” and install the “GDebi Packache Installer”. You will need to provide your root password. Afterwards you can close “Ubuntu Software”.

Next go into your download folder, right click on the previously downloaded debian package and choose “Open With” -> “GDebi Package Installer”.

In the GDebi Package installer click on “Install Package” to install the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager.

Like with all newly installed packages, if you can’t find the Perfect Privacy shortcut after the installation has finished, you will need to log out and in again.

You can find a short documentation for the Linux VPN Manager here.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback regarding this howto, please use the corresponding thread in our community forums.