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A quick overview of our services and what you get with your membership:


All our servers offer OpenVPN, using 4,096 bit public key encryption for the key exchange and AES-256 bit for traffic encryption, thus offering the safest settings currently available. Once you have established an OpenVPN connection, all your Internet traffic is routed through the VPN automatically, regardless which client software/application you use. There is no further setup required in any client software used, making OpenVPN an easy to use default VPN solution. However OpenVPN does require additional client software to be installed.


Our servers also offer the PPTP VPN protocol developed by Microsoft. Our PPTP uses MPPE-128 (128 bit keylength) using the DC4 cryptographic algorithm. Once a PPTP connection is established, it also routes all your Internet traffic trough this connection, like OpenVPN does. While PPTP might allow for faster speeds since it is less cpu intensive, it is also far less secure than OpenVPN! The major advantage however is, that it's ready to use on most common operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android..), without the need of additional software being installed. Our advice is, do not use PPTP when you are in need of an ultra secure connection, since this encryption nowadays can be broken. It is secure enough for non sensitive data though.

SSH2 tunnels

All our servers also offer SSH2 tunnels using AES-256 bit for data encryption. Once you have established an SSH2 tunnel you can configure certain clients to route their data through this tunnel, all other software still uses your regular, unencrypted Internet connection. This is a nice way to only use VPN with certain clients. There are open source and proprietary SSH clients available for any common operating system (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). Also Perfect Privacy offers an easy and ready to use Perfect Privacy Tunnel Manager client for Windows users.


Most of our servers also offer L2TP over IPSec, again a peer reviewed, safe industrial standard. L2TP/IPSec also routes your whole Internet traffic through its tunnel, once the connection is established. Most new operating systems don't need additional client software, older ones might, however there are several clients available to choose from.

Squid Proxys

Each of our servers also runs a Squid Proxy, which can be used in combination with the VPN method of your choice to aid security, or as a standalone proxy. The protocols supported by Squid Proxy are HTTP, FTP, SSL, TLS, HTTPS and Gopher. Our proxys are configured to run in high security or elite proxy mode, so they not only replace your IP Address with the one of the proxy server, but also strip the header data like "X_Forwarded_For" and "HTTP_VIA" etc. making it impossible to tell that you are using a proxy at all. Additionally the "User Agent" and "Operating System" fields are filled with faked data.

SOCKS5 Proxys

Each server also runs a SOCKS5 proxy, which can be used as a standalone proxy or in combination with the VPN method of your choice to further increase anonymity and security of your connections. Many client software programs offer SOCKS5 proxy support, permitting you to change your visible, external IP Address to the IP Address of the proxy server.

Custom VPN clients

To make using our VPN services as easy and comfortable as possible, we offer custom clients or graphical user interfaces. We continuously try to expand this offer. So far, we offer Perfect Privacy members the following clients:

  • Perfect Privacy OpenVPN Manager (Windows, OpenVPN)
  • Perfect Privacy VPN Connection Manager (Linux, OpenVPN)
  • Perfect Privacy Tunnel Manager (Windows, SSH2)

All common operating systems supported

Whether you use Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android or something else, most of our services can be used from any of these operating systems! The newer operating systems often don't even need additional client software to be installed in order to connect to our VPN servers.

Access to all our servers

You get access to all our servers (currently more than 30), located in various countries literally all over the world, including some of the most privacy friendly countries! The servers bandwidth ranges from 10mbps up to 1gbps depending on the servers location.

Support already included

Your membership also includes support! We currently offer support via email, our ticket system, our forum and live support vie TeamViewer. You may also find the answers to your questions on our frequently asked questions page or on our howto page.

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