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Data retention decided

Data retention decided

The minimum retention period for traffic data has been established

Today, October 16th 2015, the SPD and Union (CDU/CSU) parliament passed a bill on data retention (linked PDF file is in German) in Germany. No further changes were made to the bill by Justice Minister Heicko Maas (SPD): According to the bill, existing data will be held by telecommunications providers for ten weeks.

Monitoring of sensitive data without reason

This inventory data is very extensive: All telephone numbers and IP addresses of computers with which you had contact are stored. The time and duration of the connection are also stored. The location data of your mobile devices will be stored for four weeks.

The only new thing about the bill is the evaluation clause. However, this only means that the Bundestag will have to deal with this questionable law again in the coming legislative period. However, changes to the draft or even its abolition are not to be expected.

There'll be another lawsuit

The opposition, however, is preparing for a lawsuit. Once again, the Federal Constitutional Court will have to deal with the question of whether the bill conforms to the constitution. It is quite possible that this law will not be passed either. Because it can be assumed that, similar to the Safe Harbor Agreement, it violates the essential content of Articles 7 and 8 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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