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Perfect Privacy cuts prices for all packages

Perfect Privacy cuts prices for all packages

Dear Perfect Privacy users,
Thanks to a continuously growing user base we now have reached a milestone that allows us once again to lower our prices. Without your loyalty and support this would not have been possible, so as a thank you we now want to give something back to our community by offering lower prices from now on.

In the past years we constantly improved and extended our service and added new features while always focusing on the best possible security for our users.

We added a lot of features to our our Windows client, like the cascading option that allows you to connect through a chain of different VPN servers. And apart from its basic functionality to provide an encrypted VPN connection our software also protects from IP and DNS leaks and other security problems like Portfail, WrongWay and MSLeak.

On the server side we now support IPv6 at most of our server locations so that all Perfect Privacy users have IPv6 connectivity even if their ISP does not support it.

And new software and more features will come soon: We already provide beta versions of our VPN Manager for macOS, Linux and Android. They will be released officially in the near future. Also soon we will offer the possibility to filter out unwanted Advertising, Phishing and Malware domains directly on the Perfect Privacy servers. This feature is already in beta phase as well.

One of the key reasons for our success was that we reached our goal to be able to offer our users unlimited connections and traffic. That actually is an exclusive feature at Perfect Privacy – no other VPN provider allows you to connect as many devices as you want simultaneously while not even having a traffic limit.

We will continue to expand and improve our service in the future as well, quality also means continuous development. So, many thanks to our loyal users! From now on the following prices are valid:

  • One month: instead of €16.49 only €13.49
  • Three months: instead of €44.95 only €35.95
  • Six months: instead of €84.95 only €65.95
  • One year: instead of €149.95 only €124.95
  • Two years: instead of €249.95 only €214.95

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