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Perfect Privacy VPN with IPv6

More and more services on the internet support IPv6. This new IP standard will become more important in the near future since the number of available IPv4 addresses is limited.

Unfortunately, many ISPs still do not provide IPv6 connectivity. With Perfect Privacy VPN you can work around that since we provide a dual stack VPN tunnel: Once you connect to Perfect Privacy, you always have an optional IPv6 address even if your provider does not offer it.

This dual-stack VPN means you can use an IPv6 address from everywhere: In an internet cafe, mobile in the train or in a hotel – establish a Perfect Privacy connection, and you will receive an IPv6 address.

That is especially advantageous if you have an ISP that only gives you a virtual IPv4 address (behind NAT) – more and more providers like to do that because they are running out of available IPv4 addresses. Some providers try to work around problems by providing a so-called Dual-Stack Lite tunnel (DS-Lite), where IPv4 packets are being encapsulated into IPv6 packets for the transport to the provider. Such DS-Lite setups may cause problems if you want to reach your home network from somewhere else. In such cases, the fully fledged dual stack VPN from Perfect Privacy can improve your connection stability and speed.

Since Perfect Privacy has IPv6 fully integrated, there is no need to worry about potential IP leaks via IPv6: With a VPN provider that does not support IPv6, you would need to manually block such traffic to prevent an IP leak over the IPv6 connection. With the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager, you are automatically protected from that, no matter where you are.

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