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Vilfo VPN Router Review

Vilfo VPN Router Review

We frequently receive requests from users who would like to use a Vilfo* VPN router in their network. Such a VPN client gateway can ensure that all traffic from all connected computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones is routed through a VPN tunnel without the need for special configuration of the end devices. Once the Vilfo router is set up, you can connect any number of devices to the router via cable or WiFi. Surf the net securely, encrypted and anonymously and enjoy all the benefits of a VPN access without having to install special software or apps on computers or mobile devices. With additional Perfect Privacy features like TrackStop, such a setup is also ideal for a family-safe Internet connection as it can automatically filter out unwanted content.

However, for this it is necessary to do the initial setup of the VPN router. Experienced users buy a suitable router with sufficient performance, install an alternative firmware such as OpenWRT, DD-WRT or pfSense and then configure the VPN access including all necessary firewall rules. This is not only an elaborate process ? to make matters worse, you also lose the warranty and warranty for your device. What is a welcome pastime for computer enthusiasts and network administrators is a tedious task for most normal users despite the support we provide for router installation in the how-to section.

Simple Operation

The Vilfo router solves this problem elegantly. The fast and smooth setup is especially designed for less experienced users. Advanced features make the router very popular in SOHO (small office, home office) and even among professional users. They especially appreciate the enormous performance, which also surprised our technicians. This guarantees a fast network connection with strong encryption even under high load and many connected end devices.

The price of the VPN router is slightly above average. But users who invest in a Vilfo router can also expect an above-average product. Thanks to its enormous performance, the router is future-proof and will also easily master the developments of VPN technologies in the coming years. Together with the innovative range of functions and very convenient operation, this offer has more than convinced us.

Dream Team: Vilfo & Perfect Privacy

Even demanding users will appreciate the Open Source Linux-based OpenWRT router. Each connected device can be assigned its own VPN tunnel via groupings. This allows you to group devices in your network according to your MAC addresses and, as already mentioned, assign different outgoing network servers or even additional VPN providers, depending on the application. This is again so simple that even inexperienced users could easily implement it. For example, you could connect your TV to another, cheap VPN provider, such as Netflix, and run the devices you need for true privacy with the highest security standards over Perfect Privacy?s VPN network. If the options that can be set via the Vilfo interface are not enough for you, you can also activate the LuCI interface familiar from OpenWRT and install additional software packages, for example. However, Vilfo does not provide support for this special application.

In order to benefit from this advanced product in the best possible way, we have entered into a partnership with Vilfo. This makes it easy even for laymen to set up the VPN router with Perfect Privacy: Select Perfect Privacy in the interface, enter your user credentials and you're done. Thanks to useful presets you can immediately surf anonymously a plug-and-play experience that we have never seen before with VPN routers. The special features of Perfect Privacy TrackStop or the intelligent NeuroRouting can now be conveniently applied to the entire home network and the connected devices. If there are any problems, you have the possibility to chat directly with the Vilfo support via a web administration interface.

Advanced Features

The Vilfo router has many interesting features. Some users want to deactivate the VPN for individual application areas, e.g. for online banking or games. In order for that to work without the need to separate the entire VPN network, there is the Bypass Feature. It can be used to exclude certain domains, IP addresses and ports from VPN access. The filtered traffic is then routed past the VPN via the normal Internet. Here, too, the configuration is extremely user-friendly and clearly arranged, so that even inexperienced users can easily configure the exception lists.

The browser extension makes this particularly easy: Both the VPN and the bypass function can be switched on and off quickly and easily ? even for specific websites. This add-on is available for Chrome, Firefox and Vivaldi browsers.

Particularly interesting for more demanding users is the possibility to set up several VPN tunnels ? also across providers. By means of groupings, each connected device can be assigned a specific VPN tunnel. This allows you to group devices on your network according to their MAC addresses. You can then assign different outbound servers or even other VPN providers to these groups, depending on your application. For example, you could geoblock your TV and choose a separate location or set up another cheap VPN provider to stream Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. The devices that give you true privacy with the highest security standards continue to surf the Perfect Privacy VPN network.

Experts who are already familiar with home-made router solutions will appreciate that the Vilfo firmware is also based on the Linux-based open source operating system OpenWRT. This makes it possible to activate the LuCI interface known from OpenWRT should the options that can be set via the Vilfo interface not suffice. Additional software packages can be installed and further detailed changes can be made. However, please note that Vilfo does not provide support for this special application.

Optimize Privacy Settings

For users who attach particular importance to their privacy, we recommend switching off the Google Analytics analysis tool in the web interface. If TrackStop is switched on, tracking services of this type are blocked anyway, provided that the requests are routed via our VPN network. If you do not need the support chat intercom, you can also deactivate it.

Hardware Overview

When we took the Vilfo router out of the packaging for the first time, already the device made a very high-quality impression on us. Even though the 18cm x 12cm x 4.2cm package takes up only as much space as a conventional home router, the housing is much more solid and stable and very cleanly manufactured.

Of course we didn't miss the chance to unscrew the device. It quickly became clear that in contrast to most other VPN routers it was a actually a pretty powerful mini PC. It has a Qotom Q310G4-4 board with an Intel Celeron 3215U processor, 2 GB RAM, a SSD with 16 GB memory and a single Mediatek MT7612E WiFi module, which can even be expanded. Wired devices can be connected via the four Ethernet ports with 1000 Mbit/s each (3x LAN, 1x WAN). Inside there are expansion ports and an SD card reader. Thanks to the integrated HDMI and USB connections, it would even be possible to connect a display, mouse and keyboard and use the hardware as a mini-computer.

With the WiFi standard 802.11ac (up to 867 Mbit/s), the router uses the latest and fastest WiFi technology. The only drawback is that you have to decide whether you want to use the WiFi network at 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz. Unfortunately, the router does not allow both at the same time.


The Vilfo VPN router* is particularly suitable for inexperienced users and those who simply long for a functioning product. It can be configured in no time at all and thanks to its enormous performance and extended features, offers a lot of scope and compatibility for the future. If you want to protect yourself and your family with a central, network spanning VPN access, you should have a closer look at this router.

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