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Perfect Privacy

NeuroRouting™ - AI based routing for your cyber security

With NeuroRouting we write a new chapter in VPN history: After months of development time by our outstanding technical team, you can now use VPN with routing optimized by an algorithm based on a neural network.

Perfect Privacy NeuroRouting

The future of cyber security with artificial intelligence

  • Chooses the VPN server closest to the destination
  • Traffic stays in the encrypted VPN network as long as possible
  • External VPN IP changes depending on the destination
  • In the best case, the traffic is not exposed to the Internet at all
  • The number of attack points is greatly reduced
  • Tracking users is more difficult
  • Dynamic: The algorithm learns and reacts if routing changes

With active NeuroRouting your Internet traffic will be even more secure: A neural network based on TensorFlow continuously analyzes current Internet routing. Based on this our algorithm determines the most secure route through the Internet.

Your data is sent encrypted from one VPN server to the next. That means that the traffic outside the strongly encrypted VPN network is minimized. Additionally, since routing on the Internet is dynamic and changes regularly, NeuroRouting automatically analyzes the current routing and determines the shortest route to the target server. Because of this, it is also not easily possible to predict which routes your traffic is using.

You can activate the NeuroRouting feature in the customer area. Note that if you want to use a specific VPN server with gigabit connection (e.g., for downloading torrents), you can deactivate the feature at any time.

Here you can find some additional info about NeuroRouting.

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