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Stealth VPN on Linux (OpenVPN & obfsproxy)

Download OpenVPN profiles

First download the OpenVPN profiles for use with obfsproxy and extract it. We will create a new directory for this.

mkdir stealthvpn_obfsproxy

cd stealthvpn_obfsproxy

wget --content-disposition ""

unzip -j

If you have special requirements, you can download OpenVPN configurations with advanced options in the download area.

Start obfsproxy

The OpenVPN profile expects the obfsproxy on port 10000, so start obfsproxy as follows:

obfsproxy obfs3 socks

Start OpenVPN

Now you can start OpenVPN in a new terminal:

sudo openvpn VPN_PROFILE

Instead of VPN_PROFILE, use a configuration file of your choice (file extension .conf). In the example we use Basel1.conf.

Our tip: Choose a location that is geographically as close as possible to achieve the best speed.

Test the VPN connection

Now test whether your VPN connection is working correctly. Download the CheckIP data e.g. CSV formatted.

For IPv4:

wget -q -O -

And for IPv6:

wget -q -O -

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