OpenVPN for Android

To use Perfect Privacy VPN on your Android device with OpenVPN you need an additional app, which may be installed from the Play Store free of charge. Alternatively you can use the app OpenVPN for Android from F-Droid if you do not have Google Play.

Installing the OpenVPN Connect app

Open the Play Store and search for “openvpn”. Among the search results you will find the app “OpenVPN Connect” which may be installed by touching the “INSTALL” button.

The app requires permissions to access “Photos/Media/Files” which you have to grant by touching the “ACCEPT” button.

Downloading the OpenVPN configuration files

To be able to establish an OpenVPN connection to Perfect Privacy’s servers the OpenVPN configuration files for the desired servers have to be transferred to your Android device. First download the configuration files from the download page in the member area.

For mobile devices Perfect Privacy offers TCP configurations only, since experience has shown that UDP connections are often running unstable on mobile carrier networks. There are two versions of the configuration files available ( &, the single version allows for directly choosing a single server e.g. Amsterdam1 or Amsterdam2. Unpack the downloaded ZIP-file.

Transferring the configuration files

To transfer the configuration files to your Android device, either connect it to your computer using USB and a program like “Explorer” or “File transfer for Android”, or directly send the file(s) via Bluetooth after pairing the devices.

In any case navigate to the folder which contains the files from the previously unpacked ZIP-archive. Select the desired OpenVPN configuration files (file ending .ovpn) and transfer them.


Open the “OpenVPN” app and then open the menu. The menu key might exist as a hardware key depending on your Android device. Once you opened the menu select “Import” and then select “Import Profile from SD card”. Navigate to the folder which contains the transferred configuration files (e.g. Download). Select the file to import and import it. Repeat these steps for each file.

You now have to enter your Perfect Privacy user data for the imported profile. Choose the profile to use. Then enter your Perfect Privacy username at “Username” and your corresponding password at “Password”. Set the checkmark at “Save” to avoid having to enter them each time you establish a connection.

When you first touch the “Connect” button you have to grant trust to this application. Do so by setting the checkmark at “I trust this application” and confirm hitting the “OK” button.

Establishing the VPN connection

By touching the “Connect” button the connection to the OpenVPN server of the selected profile is established. After successfully establishing a connection the section “Connection stats” becomes visible and displays details regarding the connection.

In the menu bar a small key icon appears to indicate a VPN connection is established. You may now leave the app using the Home button and use your VPN connection. The VPN connection may be closed by touching the “Disconnect” button visible in the app.

Advanced configuration

In the OpenVPN Connect app you may make use of advanced configuration options after bringing up the menu and selecting “Preferences”. Of particular interest is the option of a “Seamless Tunnel”.

You can use our CheckIP website to test whether the VPN connection is working correctly.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback regarding this howto, please use the corresponding thread in our community forums.