OpenVPN for Android

This documentation describes how to configure the OpenVPN App for Perfect Privacy on Android devices. We recommend using the OpenVPN app from Arne Schwabe which is available in the Google Play Store.

Open the Google Play Store and search for “openvpn”. Choose the OpenVPN App by Arne Schwabe and install it (direct link).

Alternatively you can use OpenVPN Connect but this App has less configuration options and cannot be used with StealthVPN (obfuscation). You can find the documentation to set up StealthVPN on your Android device here.

Open your browser and go to the download section in the member area. In the Android category scroll down to OpenVPN Configuration Files and click on Show.

Choose a server location and tap on install directly. Then click on open at the bottom left.

This will open the configuration in a text editor. Tap on the menu icon in the top right, choose “Open with…” and select the OpenVPN App in the next window.

You need to allow the App to access your files so that the configuration file can be imported. After confirming the configuration will be shown in the OpenVPN app and you can import it by clicking on the checkmark at the top right.

This will bring you to the main screen of the OpenVPN App. Now you can tap on the configuration we just added to establish the VPN connection.

For the initial connection you will need to confirm that the OpenVPN app will now send all your traffic through the secure Perfect Privacy VPN tunnel.

Now you only need to enter your Perfect Privacy credentials. If you check the Save Password box, you will only need to enter your username and password once.

While the connection is being established the OpenVPN log is shown. If everything works correctly, the last line will read Initialization Sequence Completed. You can also verify on our CheckIP website that you now use a VPN IP address.

If you want you can configure OpenVPN so that it will automatically connect to a VPN server when the device is booted.

To do so, open the OpenVPN App, go to Settings, tap on Default VPN and select the VPN configuration you want to use. Then activate the checkbox Activate on boot.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback regarding this howto, please use the corresponding thread in our community forums.
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