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Perfect Privacy VPN App for Android

VPN app for Android: Set Login Credentials | Perfect Privacy VPN App for Android

Set up & connect

On the first start, the location list is automatically loaded. Tap a location you want to connect to.

Our tip: Choose a location that is geographically as close as possible to you to achieve the best possible performance.

You will now be asked for your login data. Enter your login data and confirm with Save.

VPN app for Android: Establish a VPN connection | Perfect Privacy VPN App for Android

The first time you establish a connection, you must confirm that the network traffic is now routed through the VPN app.

VPN app for Android: Connection established | Perfect Privacy VPN App for Android

After a short moment, the app has established the VPN connection. Even if the app is in the background, you can recognize the active VPN connection by the key icon in the status bar.

You can check that the VPN connection is working correctly by going to our Check IP page.

VPN app for Android: Settings | Perfect Privacy VPN App for Android

Enable the kill switch

If you want to ensure that all your Internet traffic passes through the VPN tunnel, you can now enable the kill switch.

Please note: With the kill switch enabled, the Internet connection is only available when the VPN tunnel is up and running.

To enable the kill switch, tap the kebab menu at the top right (three dots) and go to Settings.

Tap on Setup Always-On VPN.

VPN app for Android: Enable the kill switch | Perfect Privacy VPN App for Android

You will be guided to the Android settings. Tap the gear next to Perfect Privacy VPN.

In the settings, activate both Always-on VPN and Block connections without VPN.

Compatibility: Unfortunately, these options are not available on Huawei and Honor devices (EMUI interface) (as of Android 9.0).

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