TOR over VPN with Firefox

WARNING: If you want to use Tor for anonymity reasons you should install the Tor Browser Bundle for security reasons. The setup described below should only be used for non-sensitive traffic. For instance, this setup is convenient to be able to resolve .onion address without the need for the Tor Browser Bundle.

Downloading the Perfect Privacy SSH Manager

Download the Perfect Privacy SSH Manager install the application.

Open the SSH Manager by right clicking on its traybar symbol and choosing “settings”. Enter your Perfect Privacy user credentials and click on “Update Serverlist”.

The SSH Manager comes with default examples, the Tor Proxy should be pre-configured for port 5083. Click on “Connect” to establish the connection.

Open Firefox and go to the Options.

Click on “Advanced” on the left, go to the “Network” tab and click “Settings”.

Check the radio button “Manual proxy configuration” and enter the “” as SOCKS host and “5083” as port. Also make sure to activate “Remote DNS” so that .onion domains can be resolved. Click on OK to accept the settings and leave the options.

If you visit our Check-IP page, the Tor connection should already be displayed.

Your browser should also be able to resolve onion addresses.