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2017 Recap and Price Reductions

2017 Recap and Price Reductions

2017 was yet another successful year for Perfect Privacy. Our user base was constantly growing over the year which allowed us to develop and implement new features and to add more servers and locations to our VPN infrastructure.

In 2017 we opened four new locations in Northern Europe and Scandinavia: Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmoe. We placed additional servers in Amsterdam (2x), Rotterdam (2x), Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Basel and Zurich.

We also introduced four new features to our VPN service: With obfuscation (Stealth VPN) users in restricted networks have more possibilities to connect to the VPN, for instance if the provider is blocking or throttling normal OpenVPN traffic.

We also added two new options to our TrackStop filter: It is now possible to block unreliable news sources by activating the fake news filter. And parents can now use the parental control filter to block out all content that is unsuited for children, like websites for gambling, pornography or violence.

Finally we introduced NeuroRouting which uses a neural network to determine the best route to the destination so that the traffic will stay in the strongly encrypted VPN network as long as possible.

All these new additions would have not been possible without our growing community and your support which will also ensure that we can continue to improve our service and software.

We want to say thank you for helping us to have another successful year by lowering some of our prices: The price for one month account will be reduced from €13,49 to €12,99 and the monthly price for a 12 month account will be lowered from €10.41 to €9.99.

Thank you for your confidence – you are the best.

We are looking forward to a successful 2018!

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