Accepting Bitcoin

Use Bitcoin to pay your Perfect Privacy VPN account

Perfect Privacy VPN Bitcoin

You can choose from a variety of anonymous payment methods when ordering your Perfect Privacy VPN account. Bitcoin is a crypto currency that allows you to pay your VPN account without the need to convert your bitcoins into another currency (our payment processor does that automatically for you).

With Bitcoin it is very easy to buy your VPN account: We use the popular service Bitpay for all our transactions. This means that your payment will be converted using the up-to-minute exchange rate. Once your payment has been confirmed, you will automatically receive an email containing your Perfect Privacy account details.

Please be aware that since 2018 Bitpay uses a new payment protocol (BIP-70) which requires the use of wallets that support the new protocol. The protocol change means that the address and amount of a transaction is transferred automatically. It is not possible to enter the data manually anymore to prevent mistakes. The most commonly used wallets are supporting the BIP-70 protocol. Among them are:

  • Bitcoin Core wallet
  • Electrum wallet
  • Mycelium wallet
  • Bitpay wallet
  • Airbitz wallet
  • Copay wallet

Please see the payment guide from Bitpay for more information.

Note: Because of the high fees for Bitcoin transactions all Bitcoin payments are non-refundable.

Perfect Privacy VPN Bitcoin
1 Month

€ 12.99


3 Month

€ 11.98


6 Month

€ 10.99


12 Month

€ 9.99


Protect Your Privacy!
* Compared to monthly payments
24 Month

€ 8.95


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