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VPN App for macOS released

VPN App for macOS released

It's time: We present our new VPN app for macOS. Until now, our macOS users had to resort to third-party software. With the new app, setting up VPN access under macOS is child's play:

With just a few clicks, the VPN connection can be established to the desired location, whereby the leak protection prevents Internet traffic from being inadvertently routed past the VPN. The extended protocol and port selection as well as Stealth VPN makes it possible to establish a connection even in difficult situations. And with built-in support for Multi-Hop VPN, cascaded VPN connections can now be easily configured.

Kill-Switch: 3 levels of leak protection

Of course our macOS VPN app provides a kill switch and thus full leak protection: As soon as you establish a VPN connection, the integrated traffic leak protection is activated by default. With firewall rules, this ensures that all Internet traffic runs through the VPN tunnel. Additional DNS leak protection and the use of Perfect Privacy DNS servers ensure that neither a DNS leak is created nor old (possibly compromised) DNS requests from the cache are used. The Kill Switch protection remains active even when the connection is terminated and is only deactivated when you disconnect the connection at the push of a button. It can be set to three levels of security.

Protocols and Stealth VPN (Obfuscation)

If the VPN connection does not work immediately, some protocol selection options are available: If your Internet connection is poor (e.g. WiFi with poor reception), we recommend starting the OpenVPN connection with TCP (instead of UDP). If you want to establish a VPN connection from a restrictive network (e.g. from China or Turkey), the VPN app offers several simple ways to circumvent the locks. Often it is enough to choose another port (e.g. 443). The new VPN app also comes with the Stealth VPN feature for particularly vehement blocking. This allows the OpenVPN connection to be tunneled, either through an HTTP or SOCKS proxy or an SSH connection.

Multi-Hop VPN (Cascaded Connections)

Multi-Hop VPN is especially interesting for demanding users: They can connect several cascaded OpenVPN connections in a few simple steps and thus further improve their anonymity. If you want to route your Internet traffic as closely as possible to its destination through the encrypted Perfect Privacy VPN network, you can additionally activate our NeuroRouting feature.

Save your favorite locations

If you like a configured connection, you can save it as a favorite with one click. The connection can be quickly selected and activated using the Favorites menu or the icon in the system bar.


The VPN app for macOS can now be installed directly from the download area. If you need some support, you will find the instructions for installing and setting up the app in the tutorial section.


Of course it is still possible to use the alternative connection methods: For the VPN function integrated in macOS 10.11+ with IPsec/IKEv2 or third-party applications such as Tunnelblick for OpenVPN connections, we have provided easy-to-understand instructions and configuration files.

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