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Internet Kill Switch VPN

The internet kill switch in the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager makes sure that all network traffic is always being sent only over the encrypted VPN connection. That means that even if the VPN connection should drop for any reason, there is no risk of an IP leak: The internet kill switch prevents access to the Internet until the VPN connection has been re-established.

Configurable Protection with 3 Security Levels

Once a VPN connection is established, the kill switch is automatically active – no need to do anything further. However, you can configure the behavior of the kill switch in three different modes. In the default mode, the kill switch will be deactivated when you manually disconnect the VPN. In this case, you can access the Internet without VPN afterward.

In the second mode, the kill switch is always active as long as the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager is running. That means that if you disconnect the VPN tunnel, no program can access the Internet anymore until you establish a new connection. This mode is useful if you want to switch the VPN location but also want to make sure that software running in the background cannot send any traffic without VPN.

In the highest security level, the kill switch is always active, even when the Perfect Privacy software is not running. This mode is useful for computers and devices that should never send any unencrypted traffic but always use the VPN. In this mode, you only have internet connectivity if a VPN connection has been established.

In the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager, you can change the mode with a mouse click so that you have the best possible security for all use cases.

Kill Switch with 3 levels

For maximum security

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